Our Purpose

Following General Conference 2019, we stand in a moment of crisis. Emotions run the gamut from anxiety and anger to hopefulness that something new and good can emerge from our brokenness. With this website we hope to provide information that will enable larger numbers of people to engage fully in conversations leading to creative ideas and plans for next steps.


Specifically the website will:
  • Highlight conversations and actions happening at a national level, in our annual conference and at the district level
  • Provide an overview of strategic actions that are emerging from these conversations
  • Highlight legislation that provides possible ways forward
  • Share emerging possibilities for new expressions of Methodism



Video of Town Hall  Presentation from Town Hall

What is happening in New England going forward?

Legislation Proposed To New England Annual Conference 2019

  • Commissioning the Open Spirit Task Force 
  • Procedure for Discernment about Disaffiliation
  • Aspiring to Live Into Nonconformity 
  • Gathering the Northeastern Jurisdiction of the UMC 
  • Maintaining Conference Reserve Funds 
  • Aspiring to “Do No Harm” 
  • Responding to Emerging Expressions of Methodism 
  • To Boycott General Conference 2020
  • Statement of Conscience from the Ne Annual Conference
  • Petition on Requirement of the Trust Clause in the Case of Successor Entities
  • Petition to Amend: Powers of the General Conference

Called to serve on the Open Spirit Task Force? Commissioning the Open Spirit Task Force legislation will be introduced on the first day of Annual Conference. If passed, and if peopled by creative, spirit-filled, visionary members, this task force could play a key role in Methodism’s future in New England. Please read and reflect on whether you are willing to nominate yourself – or know someone else who should be nominated – to serve on the Task Force. The members will be chosen during the two days we are at Annual Conference.


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Rev. Kathryn Johnson, Parkway UMC, Milton, MA
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Rev. Hope Luckie, Crawford Memorial UMC, Winchester, MA
Rev. Rene Perez, District Superintendent, Central Massachusetts